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Personal Communications Devices Announces Merca-trax Line of Devices at CTIA Wireless 2010


New Product Line Leverages GPS and Cellular Signals to Locate Objects with Extreme Accuracy

LAS VEGAS, NV and HAUPPAUGE, NY (March 23, 2010) – Personal Communications Devices, LLC (PCD), a leading provider of technology products to wireless carriers, application providers and businesses in North and South America, today announced its Merca-trax line of Machine to Machine (M2M) and Mobile Tracking Devices. With its Merca-trax tracking devices, including the CMA8110BK launch in late 2009, PCD will offer end-to-end solutions that leverage GPS and wireless technology to locate and track objects with acute accuracy.

Merca-trax devices can be configured remotely over-the-air in a few quick, simple steps, making them especially suitable for tracking and monitoring packages and valuable assets. Location tracking and monitoring information can be obtained on demand or periodically according to a predetermined schedule. Users can also designate tracking information be provided within a specific geographic area or when the tracked item goes beyond designated boundaries.

“We are pleased to announce our line of reliable and cost-effective Merca-trax devices, which marks a milestone for the company. It demonstrates our commitment to the continued expansion of our product portfolio through new wireless technologies,” said Philip Christopher, President of PCD. ”As the wireless M2M space explodes, the Merca-trax line positions PCD at the forefront of a growing industry sector.”

“PCD has earned its reputation for innovative product designs,” said Daniel Obodovski, director of business development for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. “By integrating Qualcomm’s inGeo™ solution into Merca-trax trackers, PCD has taken a leading role in the industry’s move toward highly power-efficient M2M solutions.”

PCD’s first asset tracking device, the CMA8110BK, is currently used for both personal and asset tracking through partnerships with FreightWatch Security Net (FSN) and Omnilink. FSN will use Merca-trax devices to diversify their asset tracking portfolio and offer customers a more secure, cost-efficient method for tracking cargo freight. Omnilink’s usage of the Merca-trax line will be via their FocalPoint™ platform, which is used to monitor the location of a specific individual and is widely used to ensure the safety of dementia patients by securely monitoring their movements.

More information about Merca-trax devices, the CMA8110BK and the wide range of PCD wireless products can be found online at www.PCDPhones.com

About Personal Communications Devices, LLC (PCD)

PCD (www.pcdphones.com) is committed to bringing you the wireless world through innovative wireless devices and rich service offerings. PCD serves as a global gateway for technology partners, providing high-quality, reliable and versatile wireless communications devices including tracking devices, netbooks, handsets, smartphones, messaging devices and wireless broadband modems to carriers throughout North and South America. Product planning and development on CDMA, GSM/GPRS and HSDPA platforms, technical testing, quality control as well as marketing and warranty support are among the offerings provided by PCD that differentiate it from other wireless industry suppliers. PCD is based in Hauppauge, New York, and maintains operations and support facilities in Brea, California, and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 

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