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Engineering success.

Our strong working relationships with many different manufacturers allow us to develop new devices for service providers quickly when the need arises. Our engineers work hand-in-hand with manufacturers from inception to production, making sure devices work within the requirements of each service provider. We act as the daily technical interface to multiple manufacturers, alleviating the need for the service provider to devote their valuable resources to this process. This streamlined engineering process enables us to deliver the latest devices with the most up-to-date technology, faster and more efficiently. 

A PCD Story

In 2001, the deadline for E911 Phase 1 compliance was three months out. A top national wireless service provider’s network-based E911 solution was not going to be ready. So they called us. They needed a GPS-enabled handset in 90 days. We were able to source the handset through a technology partner and bring to market the CDM9100 within the FCC deadline, saving the service provider millions of dollars in fines. 

PCD for Service Providers

PCD for Service Providers


  • We perform quality control inspections on product prior to shipment to the service provider.
  • We conform to ISO-9001 standards.