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Optimized inventory. Optimal results.

Because we manage inventory, service providers can concentrate on selling product. Through our just-in-time inventory process, we alleviate the need to over-order by storing stock in our warehouses. We’re able to satiate the demand for products quickly by sending inventory on an as-needed basis. And because we accurately track inventory on a daily basis, we’re able to deliver the precise quantity of product needed, exactly when it’s needed, eliminating the risk of overstocking product. 

A PCD Story

In 2009, a top national wireless service provider was forecasting one million units for a special promotion, but only wanted to issue firm orders for half that amount. PCD purchased the one million units, warehoused the excess units and supported the promotion. This allowed the service provider to successfully bring the product to market and effectively manage its inventory levels.

PCD for Service Providers

PCD for Service Providers

Inventory Optimization

  • We help with forecasting and product demand.
  • We help determine market size before a product launches.
  • We track inventory daily to provide accurate management.
  • We manage end-of-life inventory.