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We get it right before
you get it.

We are the logistics experts for service providers both big and small. We are responsible for fulfilling devices right the first time, so they are ready to go once a service provider receives them. Because we know distribution center requirements, including proper skids, labeling and packaging, we give service providers what they’re expecting. Our extensive screening process catches mistakes before they cost precious time. We’re even able to provide last-minute changes such as software upgrades when necessary.

A PCD Story

On a Friday at 2 p.m., we received a shipment of 30,000 units. Through our quality control process, we discovered the units needed a software update, and they needed to be reskidded, relabeled and delivered to our customer’s distribution centers right away. We were able to make the necessary corrections and have all units delivered by Monday morning, causing no delay to the device launch date. 

PCD for Service Providers

PCD for Service Providers

Logistics & Fulfillment

  • We manage multiple facilities throughout North America.
  • We manage the distribution process.
  • We handle IMEI, MEID and ESN recording and maintain EDI.
  • We make sure kitting is completed properly.
  • We offer packaging and repackaging services.
  • We comply with all service provider shipment requirements.
  • We manage shipment tracking and security.
  • We perform extensive quality control prior to distribution.
  • We can ship directly to retailers.
  • We coordinate secure shipments, using both ground and air.
  • We partner with proven companies in the transportation industry.
  • We conform to ISO-9001 standards and are Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.